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  2. Sk1llz

    Hey guys

    Hey guys long time no speak, irl stuffs been crazy just wanted to see how ya'll we're doing? also was curious about the final outcome of Titan-X I fell in love with this server I hope it doesn't die everšŸ˜­šŸ˜­ ~Best Regards~ Sk1llz //
  3. Larry

    Daily login reward

    I suggest there should be a casket with rewards for every day you have logged in a row. Rewards could vary from coins to presents
  4. Larry#6579, ign: Larry. Gmt +2 I love such position, love to help players. I deserve this position because of my amout of dedication https://gyazo.com/f442d074b06ed64c9195f343997d59db
  5. ibefuzzy

    fuzzy be i

    Hello! I'm Fuzzy, I've gone by this alias for roughly 13 years. I've played runescape since early 2005 and have been active on private servers since 2010. I'm 23 years old and currently have a good amount of time on my hands, so my activity on here since joining has been extremely high. I have a maxed regular account and a near-maxed impossible mode account, and after I max that I might just make an ironman to progress on as well, as I love to grind. In real life I play with rubiks cubes, begleri and yoyo's, and tinker with welding! I'm a streamer ( though as of recent I've been glued to games I rather wouldn't stream or due to an NDA I cannot stream ), and a gamer since I was 5, starting out on a PS1 and N64 ( a very, very amazing Christmas day ). You'll see me online daily unless I got something going on, I normally put in a solid 5-10 hours of grind ( or I'm afking something while playing another game on my other monitor ). I'm ibefuzzy#6952 on discord, and am always posting my drops in there! Hope to see everyone in-game, and hopefully we can grind together!
  6. Austin

    Merry X-mas!

    Merry X-mas everyone! Until Tuesday at midnight (Wednesday at 00:00 server time), take advantage of the 15% bonus rewards in voting, experience, donator points, PK points, pest control points, and Titan-X points! Additionally, the Lottery is open for you to buy tickets! Enjoy!
  7. Discord Tag: Ima23 #5199 Time Zone: Eastern Standard Introduction: Hello my name is Zach, my in game name is "ima23". Im 24 years old and have recently found myself with alot of of extra time on my hands due to work related injury. In that time ive looked for a quality rsps with a mostly non-toxic community to dedicate my play time too. Why do I want to become staff?: Ive been thinking about a staff position for a couple of reasons. within the 1st week of my play time I ran into a handfull of player "3 players" who had either had remarks said to them by other players. or just need help starting a skill or finding a location but no staff is on to assist. but low staff isnt a ploblem on its own for new players its also afk status of regular players that makes help hard to find. Why do I deserve this position as staff: As I stated in my intro im no longer able to physicaly work a job and as a result I have 100% availability 24 hours a day. No matter if im watching tv or playing a game my client is constantly open durring all hours of the day and night. I am also very trust worthy, I dont have a peronal agenda or superiority issues. If I am accepted as a Player moderator. I will not let personal friendships cloud judgment and I can hold a mature conversation without arguing with a stable mind im 100% positive I could benifit this server whole heartedly. Play Time:
  8. Marijuana

    Telepeachs staff app

    Definitely vouch for Tele, on multiple occasions I've seen him helping players out, definitely has enough knowledge of the server to be of use :).
  9. Tea

    Telepeachs staff app

    I personally vouch for TelePeach, Major achievement's in-game whilst being extremely active and helpful. Goodluck Sir
  10. Telepeach

    Telepeachs staff app

    IGN: Telepeach (Maxed uim) Why do I want to be staff? As someone who plays daily and has multiple accounts, its sad to see that there are no active staff in game able to help new players. I help new players to the best of my ability as is and quite active, another perk is my timezone, its opposite to America so I am normally on when a lot of people are asleep. Why do I deserve to be staff? As a player with a lot of game time on multiple different accounts, I'm an active part in the community I contribute to the well and participate in group raids, I am quite social and at 20 years old quite mature. I'm a tolerant player, don't get upset easily and deal fair punishments to people who deserve it. A bit on the lenient side unless someone really screws up than I come down hard. A bit more info: I have had a lot of experience with staff (Experience can vouch for that) and with a weird timezone, I am on when a lot of people aren't. As a uim main it will be hard for me to do any stuff duties revolving around trading but I have my alt for that Cheers, Telepeach
  11. Telepeach


    Hey guys Telepeach here im a maxed uim with a maxed impossible pure (Inferno cape btw) Im a big gamer, into LoL, CoD, BF, OSRS, and definitely private servers. And Hard into raiding so if you have decent gear definitely hit me up šŸ™‚ Discord: Telepeach#9767 Ign: Telepeach/Perihelion Timezone: (GMT+13) (Kiwi btw)
  12. Sk1llz

    Black Friday Deals!

    Thanks a lot Austin, don't forget to donate people~
  13. Austin

    Black Friday Deals!

    For today only, you will be rewarded with 1.25x the amount of Donator Points you've purchased (Bonus points given when the player uses ::claim). This means for every 1,000 donator points you buy, you'll get an extra 250 points for free! Enjoy! Sale ends Friday (11/23/2018) at 11:59 PM.
  14. xJoff


    Hi, my name is joff, 22yo from belgium. some people may know me as iriisq or zombeeh1 as i used to play and even own some rsps. been looking to get in to it again as it still is something that interests me. I might not be very active during the weekends but weekdays ill be online alot. hope to see you guys ingame and get to know some of you better!
  15. Austin

    ::setlevel command

    You can now use the ::setlevel command to set your combat levels lower than they currently are, at a low cost. (100k/level)
  16. Current Goals: Barrow's

    Day 2

    21kc - Verac's FlailĀ 

    26kc - Guthan's WarSpearĀ 

    End day with 32kcĀ 

    Note: I hate barrows give me another whip grind insteadĀ 

    32 barrows kc.jpg

    barrows 32kc loot.jpg

  17. Working towards 1000 Vorkath Killcount at a slow ish pace and gaining points for the undead slayer helm

    1. Tyr


      Good luck man would love to see the loot tab once completed even if its just the unique's.Ā 

  18. Sephiroth

    Some Insane's suggestions

    1 Million GP will likely be the cap. I agree. Kind of unnecessary but I don't particularly care either way. Has already been discussed, will likely be Nightmare Zone. No, you already get bonus damage if you are a donator in NON-MULTI areas and the slayer helmet is already set to OSRS boost percentages. Agreed, item removal from the store has been discussed and is highly likely, this is to give more reasons to play and to make more options useful. This will be fixed soon don't worry. No, custom items would likely become overpowered and could break the game in its entirety, if this does happen they will not be exactly what you want (they will not be overpowered). Same as above. Easy enough to just make the potion but it is tedious given the current way skilling is done, will likely be addressed later. No, it should remain separate because both give their own perks. Points allows access to an item of the player's choosing to benefit them in some way, the zone would give them the boost of XP as well as access to skilling areas that are tedious otherwise, plus the bosses in the dungeon.
  19. Sephiroth

    Some Insane's suggestions

    Keeping all of the items in would increase the cash flow, BUT if we take it out the player base would actually have a reason to do stuff. Raid items will likely be things that are removed, so people actually do the raid. I agree on keeping them separate, the Donator Zone and the points have their own perks and should stay separated. I also agree with the cash amount you've gone with, no higher than 1m should be rewarded.
  20. Austinrsw

    Some Insane's suggestions

    Agree with a lot of this, but here is what I think about some of them. 1. Instead of 1m-2m, maybe 500k or 750k. 6. Keep the donator items in the store, they can be purchased to help keep the server running. 11. I think having the scrolls is better, because if you donate with for points, you are getting items, and then if your donating for the scroll, your not getting anything besides the scroll. Otherwise the rest I agree with.
  21. Hello everyone. Make sure to leave some feedback. This is just my take from what I gathered off player discussions and my own ideas. These suggestions are aimed to make players stick around and grow the server. I understand that every server has a theme they like to keep, but I think that the players chose rsps over osrs because everything is much faster achieved on rsps. When rsps's become a slow pace to get stuff, a lot of players lose interest quickly and leave. Please leave some feedback by voting and commenting. I highlighted in ORANGE the ones I think are most important to me. When the AFK/Boting checker window pop's up when skilling and you are able to get the correct answer you should receive a reward perhaps like 1-2m. When clicking on a different bank tab it should automatically take you to the top of the bank. Allow the hashtag in a custom title for people who are able to make a custom title. Allow players to Imbued rings with Titan-X points. Slayer helm (i) deal 5% more damage to ALL npc's. maybe change percentage with the different color helm. Remove some really rare items from donor store, so they are only acquired through presents. I know this will create some price changes for sure. Emblem Trader gets bugged when choosing "Speak about emblems". He gets stuck at saying "Hello, wanderer". Introduce Custom items for players who have reached "Total Donated: $1000-or more". Custom items made to be kept on death all the time (wildy as well). The custom items would be colored to the players liking, with of course limitations. This can also change how it is managed as the server grows with more players. Raise the Price ect... Introduce even more rewards to players with certain "Total Donated". The player can get yet another custom item at an even higher "Total Donated". Can be at $2000 then next $3000 and so on with some sort of limit. custom items can be Untradable and will eventually generate donations. items can be any item in the game Add Anti dragon pot to the food/pot store. I also think that Donator rank should be rewarded when certain "Total Donated" is reached to unlock that rank, rather than having scrolls. This is just some of my Ideas and they could be completely wrong for the server but ultimately it's going to be up to Titan to decide from all of our feedback.
  22. Insane

    Suggestion/Fix list

    I agree. the vote store is a tad expensive and could demotivate a player to even bother voting.
  23. Current Goals:Barrow'sĀ 

    Day 1

    Due to work haven't been able to be on too much today but got up to 15kc this is my loot so Far

    1kc - Dharok's Great AxeĀ 

    4kc - Ahrim's Robe Top

    8kc - Verac's Helm

    12kc - Torag's Hammers

    14kc - Torag's PlatelegsĀ 


    15Barrows kc loot.jpg

  24. Current goal: Barrows hoping to get full Dharok

    starting at 0 kc

  25. Sephiroth

    Vorkath for beginners

    I can get that done but it'd slow down my comp some so it'd be a pain in the butt
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