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  1. Austin

    Merry X-mas!

    Merry X-mas everyone! Until Tuesday at midnight (Wednesday at 00:00 server time), take advantage of the 15% bonus rewards in voting, experience, donator points, PK points, pest control points, and Titan-X points! Additionally, the Lottery is open for you to buy tickets! Enjoy!
  2. Austin

    Black Friday Deals!

    For today only, you will be rewarded with 1.25x the amount of Donator Points you've purchased (Bonus points given when the player uses ::claim). This means for every 1,000 donator points you buy, you'll get an extra 250 points for free! Enjoy! Sale ends Friday (11/23/2018) at 11:59 PM.
  3. Austin

    ::setlevel command

    You can now use the ::setlevel command to set your combat levels lower than they currently are, at a low cost. (100k/level)
  4. Should donator zone dungeon objects be removed?
  5. Thanks for applying, rank given.
  6. Sorry for my absence, a lot has come up in the past week or so. I will not be on this Friday or Saturday, possibly Sunday.

    1. Sk1llz


      You've been doing the best you can buddy' it's all that matters keep up the good work bro~

  7. Hello everyone, I am going to be advertising very soon, but first I need an advertising banner. I would like to hear all ideas for said banner, please include information about what's going to be on each slide, the text and images. Please contact me in-game, private message me here, on discord, or leave your ideas under the feedback section on discord. Thanks!
  8. Austin

    Forum Updates

    Hello everyone, There have been quite a few changes made behind the scenes to correct mistakes in the group permissions. Donator ranks are now fully functional, and have twice as much storage space as non-donators. It is now possible to edit, hide, and delete your own content, for donators, you can hide edits made to your posts. Staff replies will now be highlighted. Many other changes have been made to group permissions. Request your in-game rank on the forums under the Support section.
  9. Austin

    Forums GFX Artists Rank

    Yeah sorry for the misunderstanding, that is perfectly fine
  10. A very long-awaited update is finally here! We now have a fully functional regional map interface, to open it, simply click on the world map next to your mini-map. Additionally, it is still possible to use the heatmap to view where players are at in-game by right clicking the world map and selecting heatmap. (The heatmap does not show locations in the wilderness.) Also, the auto-client updater is now functional, it will automatically update the file "Titan-X.jar", currently it does not support re-named files. Other misc. bug fixes have been made. Enjoy!
  11. Austin

    Forums GFX Artists Rank

    He does not work for free, and you can find him at gfxdistrict.com
  12. Austin


    I know this may a bit late, but best of luck to you, hope to see you back soon!
  13. Austin

    Forums GFX Artists Rank

    Thanks for your suggestion, but I already have an amazing GFX artist which has designed all of the gfx for Titan-X so far. Maybe in the future if he ever discontinues his services.
  14. Austin

    Staff Promotions

    Please welcome the newest additions to our staff team, Kanoot and Thanatos. Congratulations to Kanoot, the #1 ranking Ironman of the server, on their promotion to Server Support. they're one of the most dedicated and well-known players in the server, and has been very helpful to those in need. A great addition to the staff team. Additionally, I would also like to congratulate Thanatos(Sephiroth), another very dedicated and well-known player, on their promotion to Server Support. He has been very helpful to many players, and truly deserves this position of authority. Thank you both for your dedication and loyalty to this server, hope to see you stick around for a while longer!
  15. Hello, to request your forgotten password, please follow the steps below: Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and push "Contact Us" In the message, please provide the following information to the best of your knowledge: Roughly how long ago was your account created? When was the last time you played? What do you remember doing the last time you played? What items did you have in your inventory? What items do you remember having in your bank? (Optional) Please provide your current MAC address, if you're unsure how to do this, open a command prompt and type ipconfig /all, and it will be next to "Physical Address", (Example: 02-10-F3-01-28-B3)