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  1. no byte

    Current goals

    Good Luck!! What's left till you max?
  2. no byte

    LukesLogic's Staff Application

    I vouch for you man! You're friendly and helpful!
  3. no byte

    Skilling for Hire

    I thought I was really clear about what I said...........
  4. no byte

    GFX Artist

    It looks dope, I recommend this guy as well!!
  5. no byte

    Skilling for Hire

    Have you ever needed cooked fish, mined ore, chopped logs, or herbs but never had the time nor will power to get said items?? Well! Look no further because here I am. For a negotiable price, I will work for you! Just PM me in game, post on here, or message me on discord. Let me know what you want and I will get it! This will benefit me and give me drive to get 200m xp. So just let me know!
  6. no byte

    Favorite Music

  7. no byte

    Forums GFX Artists Rank

    So I guess this post was to suggest someone from our community who is good with GFX that accepts in-game GP as payment could be our GFX person who would do signatures, profile pictures, and backgrounds. But anyways, it was just a suggestion.
  8. no byte

    Forums GFX Artists Rank

    Can we go to this artist? Does he work for free?
  9. no byte


    So right now I'm in the middle of Hurricane Florence. I live in Fayetteville NC. We are under flood watches and tornado warnings. So I might be off for a bit while we recover from this hurricane. Just a heads up.
  10. Every forums I have ever been on has had a senior GFX artist and other GFX artist ranks. These players would be the go-to people when in need of a signature picture, background, or profile picture. They take in-game GP for compensation for their work. Ice Tea is currently the only GFX person that I am aware of.
  11. no byte

    GFX Artist

    Is there anyone on the forums who is good at GFX (custon Signature pics, profile pics, backgrounds). If anyone is or wants to give it a try, please let me know.
  12. no byte

    Lottery Event

    30.4M for the first lottery reward is not a bad start! We need to bump those numbers up so I can get more next time I win! I appreciate everyone who participated!
  13. no byte


    In-game name?:Byte, No Byte, Byte HD, Byte Discord name: No Byte Combat level: 109 ATM, getting it up there as we speak What would you prefer to be called? (nick names are alright): Matt or Byte Combat stats: 86 ATM What skills are above 90?: Wc, fishing, thieving, fletching Why do you want to join Demolition?: I enjoy PVM and hanging out with everyone in the clan. Who told you about our clan? (Leader, general, member, friend, other): Kanoot and seph convinced me to look into it. What do you like most, pvm or pking?: PVM Definately. Last is What is your bank worth?: ermmmmmm...... 700m round abouts...
  14. no byte

    Kanoot's Staff Application

    You got my vouch!