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    name what other accounts you have.
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    Thanatos Staff Application

    i vouch man, i've seen you help others quite often, other than myself.
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    Kanoot's Staff Application

    i vouch for you bro!
  4. Discord name: Uneexxpected#2611 In-game name: Unexxpected Time-zone: Eastern standard time. Introduction: Why do you want to become staff?: I have always been a people person, as well as making sure things don't take a negative turn anytime soon. like no one threatens anyone and no one says something they may regret. i have been always there to help others especially new members to the server so they can actually see how much fun it is to actually go out to grind for what you want like how i see things. i've wanted to become some sort of help to the server for quite sometime. i've been usually the go-to to knowing whats best money making, best training, etc... Why do you think you deserve staff?: I believe i deserve staff because i've been asked to apply a couple months ago because i'm always online before, and after work, and on my days off as well. i'm on for not just four or five hours but I'm on for most of the day. i have proceeded to let the Owner know if there's anything to be added or anything to be fixed. i haven't stopped playing this server and i don't intend on stopping anytime soon. Time Played?: Below Also, if you need to ask any questions i'm always on discord even when offline so message me directly or tag me into the general chat. i'm always active. Have a good day! XD
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    unexxpected's intro. EnjoyXD

    Hey every, I'm unexxpected and if anyone needs help with anything be sure to message me via discord or ingame i'm on everyday after work and on my days off. I enjoy interaction with other players, especially when there's no negativity or any problems. if there's ever been problems i've always tried to see whats going on and in the past i have mentioned to staff members that there's a problem that needs to be solved.
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    thank you for your time to apply for the clan. I will have another high ranked member check it out and you also forgot to add one more thing. re-read the application form and I'll get back to you soon.
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    Welcome everyone, this is my clan Demolition. There will be Clan events, giveaways, and more in the future. lets Grow Strong. Defeat enemies, and become One. Be sure to message Unexxpected, Woodstock, or Sephiroth for any intel. We're a PVE/PVP clan. We help new members learn bosses and the better strategies to defeat them, minigames to earn gear needed later (A.K.A. Void). We also like to share supplies and cash if we have it (cash is a loan and is expected to be repaid). There will be an application to copy and paste below. In-game name: Discord name: Combat level: POST A SCREENSHOT OF SKILL TAB FOLLOWING COMBAT LEVEL! What would you prefer to be called? Why do you want to join Demolition?: Who told you about our clan? (member or other persons) What do you like most, PVE/PVP; Last is What is your bank worth (this is solely to help newcomers and other members who need money or items): What are all the accounts you have? (if there are at all any new accounts that you make, notify a ranking member. Unexxpected & Sephiroth) Loyalty is rewarded by a rank, you will not receive a rank any other way.