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    Hey Guys, LukesLogic here 🙂 I've been on the server for a few months and love it! Enjoy talking to everyone around and seeing how everyone is doing and starting new conversations with new people! If you need anything just pm me in game or message me on discord. Always have my phone on me so I should be able to answer quick! Have a good day 😄
  2. Introduction: Discord name: LukesLogic#6474 In-Game Name: LukesLogic Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time Why would you like to become staff?: I love the staff members on the server and enjoy talking to them. I've always liked helping people when they have questions and giving them advice when they seem lost. I think I could be a good asset to the team and I'd give it my all to do whatever I could for the server. Why do you think you deserve to such position?: I try my best everyday to get online and play and enjoy the server just like everyone else. I've been playing for around 2-3 months now and have a great concept of the server and would feel I could help share it with the community. I have lots of playtime, helpful tips, and good advice I could share to the newcomers that will be joining us soon! Time Played Thank you for the opportunity to apply for Staff!
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    In-game name?: LukesLogic Discord name: LukesLogic What would you prefer to be called? Luke Why do you want to join Demolition?: Would love to be apart of the group, have fun with the clan, and enjoy in the clans endeavors. Who told you about our clan (member or other persons)? No Byte and Thanatos What do you like most, PVE/PVP; PVE Last is What is your bank worth (this is solely to help newcomers and other members who need money or items): Don't really have an approximation on it but id say well over 10b What are all the accounts you have (if there are at all any new accounts that you make, notify a ranking member. Unexxpected & Sephiroth)? BackUpLogic
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    GFX Artist

    recommend this guy ^^^