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  1. Telepeach

    Telepeachs staff app

    IGN: Telepeach (Maxed uim) Why do I want to be staff? As someone who plays daily and has multiple accounts, its sad to see that there are no active staff in game able to help new players. I help new players to the best of my ability as is and quite active, another perk is my timezone, its opposite to America so I am normally on when a lot of people are asleep. Why do I deserve to be staff? As a player with a lot of game time on multiple different accounts, I'm an active part in the community I contribute to the well and participate in group raids, I am quite social and at 20 years old quite mature. I'm a tolerant player, don't get upset easily and deal fair punishments to people who deserve it. A bit on the lenient side unless someone really screws up than I come down hard. A bit more info: I have had a lot of experience with staff (Experience can vouch for that) and with a weird timezone, I am on when a lot of people aren't. As a uim main it will be hard for me to do any stuff duties revolving around trading but I have my alt for that Cheers, Telepeach
  2. Telepeach


    Hey guys Telepeach here im a maxed uim with a maxed impossible pure (Inferno cape btw) Im a big gamer, into LoL, CoD, BF, OSRS, and definitely private servers. And Hard into raiding so if you have decent gear definitely hit me up 🙂 Discord: Telepeach#9767 Ign: Telepeach/Perihelion Timezone: (GMT+13) (Kiwi btw)
  3. Telepeach

    Skill Cape Perks

    This isin't a suggestion, pretty sure its current perks
  4. Telepeach

    Skill Cape Perks

    Skillcape Perks:- Perks (Need Titan To confirm, but I believe its accurate) Attack: Works as an unlimited supply of warrior guild tokens at the warriors guild. Strength: No perk Defence: Acts as a ring of life. Range: Works the same way as ava's accumulator with a random chance of saving ammo. Prayer: 5+ Prayer restoration while drinking prayer or super restore potions. Magic: Works as spellbook swap when operated,. Runecrafting: Teleports you to the Abyss when operated. 5 times daily in wilderness anywhere else is unlimited. Hitpoints: Regenerates 2 hitpoints instead of 1 at a time. Agility: Works as a replacement for the Graceful cape, yielding slower run depletion. Herblore: Yields a 20% chance of saving a herb while mixing potions. Thieving: Grants double seeds while thieving the master farmer. Crafting: Can be operated to teleport you to the crafting guild. Fletching: Grants 25 arrowshafts while fletching logs instead of 15. Slayer: Teleport to slayer task. Mining: 33% chance of mining two minerals instead of one, however does not grant xp for both. Smithing: Yields a 20% chance of saving a bar while smithing. Fishing: 33% chance of catching two fish instead of one, however does not grant xp for both. Cooking: Works the same way as Cooking gauntlets, yielding a lower chance of burning food. (Does not stack) Firemaking: No perk Woodcutting: 33% chance of cutting two logs instead of one, however does not grant xp for both and teleports you to the Woodcutting guld when operated. Farming: Works the same way as Magic secateurs yielding a chance of more herbs and faster growth timer. (Does not stack) Hunter: Teleport to puro-puro portal
  5. Telepeach

    Thanatos Staff Application

    Cool dude, vouched 🙂
  6. Telepeach

    Kanoot's Staff Application

    Chill guy, wouldnt mind seeing him as staff :)