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    In-game name: Devious Discord name: De vious Combat level: 126 What would you prefer to be called? Devious Why do you want to join Demolition?: playing solo gets boring after a while, no friends = no fun Who told you about our clan? (member or other persons): just seen it on forums What do you like most, PVE/PVP;: I like everything, if I see it, I'm trying to kill it Last is What is your bank worth (this is solely to help newcomers and other members who need money or items): maybe 200-400m idk
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    welp, thank you for letting me know, just now realizing the whole paragraph I typed for this last night never got saved or put in, idk where it went.. my mistake
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    Who Am I

    The name is Devious -- My real name is Zack, I'm 24, from upstate New York. I've been playing rs since like 2002 and rsps since about 2012-2013. Proud husband and father. Been playing this server for quite some time now, not the greatest at talking about myself. -- Real Eyes Realize Real Lies -- see you ingame :D