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  1. Working towards 1000 Vorkath Killcount at a slow ish pace and gaining points for the undead slayer helm

    1. Tyr


      Good luck man would love to see the loot tab once completed even if its just the unique's. 

  2. Sephiroth

    Some Insane's suggestions

    1 Million GP will likely be the cap. I agree. Kind of unnecessary but I don't particularly care either way. Has already been discussed, will likely be Nightmare Zone. No, you already get bonus damage if you are a donator in NON-MULTI areas and the slayer helmet is already set to OSRS boost percentages. Agreed, item removal from the store has been discussed and is highly likely, this is to give more reasons to play and to make more options useful. This will be fixed soon don't worry. No, custom items would likely become overpowered and could break the game in its entirety, if this does happen they will not be exactly what you want (they will not be overpowered). Same as above. Easy enough to just make the potion but it is tedious given the current way skilling is done, will likely be addressed later. No, it should remain separate because both give their own perks. Points allows access to an item of the player's choosing to benefit them in some way, the zone would give them the boost of XP as well as access to skilling areas that are tedious otherwise, plus the bosses in the dungeon.
  3. Sephiroth

    Some Insane's suggestions

    Keeping all of the items in would increase the cash flow, BUT if we take it out the player base would actually have a reason to do stuff. Raid items will likely be things that are removed, so people actually do the raid. I agree on keeping them separate, the Donator Zone and the points have their own perks and should stay separated. I also agree with the cash amount you've gone with, no higher than 1m should be rewarded.
  4. Sephiroth

    Vorkath for beginners

    I can get that done but it'd slow down my comp some so it'd be a pain in the butt
  5. Sephiroth

    Vorkath for beginners

    Vorkath is an easy but time consuming boss and takes some time to get used to, it has multiple attacks and they can be tedious to counter or dodge with the current movement. So to help people wanting to fight it or learn how to fight it without watching multiple videos repeatedly just to learn each and every little thing, I am going to make a short but sweet guide to help you out and include some loadouts for you to use when fighting it. Attacks; Standard dragon's breath attack (indicated by orange coloration) Venom dragon's breath attack (indicated by dark green coloration) Prayer disabling dragon's breath attack (indicated by pink coloration) Ranged attack (indicated by ball with spikes) Magic attack (indicated by blue coloration and does not use dragon breath sprite) Special attacks; Rapid fire (Acid splats fall onto the ground and he begins to shoot multiple smaller, green fire attacks) Fire Bomb (or ball) (Fires a large ball of fire into the air, indicated by orange coloration, uses rapid fire sprite but larger) Undead Scorpion (Vorkath freezes the player and releases a scorpion on the ground) Counter/Dodge for each attack; Dragon's breath attacks; use any Anti-Dragon shield (DFS, DFW, AWS, or standard Anti-Dragon Shield) and recommended to bring Antifire potion, or it's ungraded variants (Extended Anti-fire, Super Anti-fire, Extended Super Anti-fire). Ranged/Magic attack; Prayer switch or only focus on one attack since Vorkath has an attack speed of 5 (3 seconds) Rapid fire; Walk or Run in a line and avoid the acid pools on the ground (Stepping on an acid pool will deal damage to you and will heal Vorkath) Fire Bomb; Move 3 tiles away or more (This attack will ONE HIT YOU if you are less than 2 tiles away, if 2 tiles away it will take 3/4th's of your HP) Undead Scorpion; Use crumble undead spell as soon as possible on the scorpion (You may hit once or twice depending on how far it is from you and what weapon you're using, if you fail to use the spell or you do not react fast enough it may deal significant damage to your HP). Loadout Options/ Variations (you can still do this without the recommended gear but it will likely be less damage and a longer time to kill);
  6. Sephiroth

    My Hobbies

    My hobbies include but are not limited to; Gaming (Console and PC) Watching Anime (Yes, it's a hobby) Chatting with friends or other players in-game or on discord
  7. Sephiroth


    Maxed Impossible role, discord https://ibb.co/dZmjVA
  8. Sephiroth


    Welcome WillieeB
  9. Sephiroth


    No worries bud, take the time you need away.
  10. Sephiroth

    Advertising banner Ideas

    Showcase Bosses and Donator Zone (common thing but it clearly has worked). Bosses would be like Vorkath or other interesting bosses that aren't a common thing in RSPS's. Donator zone, show the mining and Rc areas.
  11. Sephiroth

    Suggestion/Fix list

    Lumberjack outfit is not in-game, it should be
  12. Sephiroth

    Suggestion/Fix list

    Suggestions for the future, i don't need any explanations that i already know about. Kind of a pointless reply.
  13. Sephiroth

    Current goals

    Thieving, agility, WC and FM, crafting, and hunter, oh and slayer. WC and FM i plan to get done this weekend as well as crafting. slayer ill do over time and agility ill have to knock out over the course of a week maybe.
  14. Sephiroth

    Current goals

    my current goal is to get to max on my impossible, sadly its taking a while but its not that bad. Also, i am to re-collect max gear and gain items i previously didnt have or currently do not.
  15. Sephiroth

    Suggestion/Fix list

    start development of wintertodt or create bonfires for Firemaking.