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  1. Current Goals: Barrow's

    Day 2

    21kc - Verac's Flail 

    26kc - Guthan's WarSpear 

    End day with 32kc 

    Note: I hate barrows give me another whip grind instead 

    32 barrows kc.jpg

    barrows 32kc loot.jpg

  2. Current Goals:Barrow's 

    Day 1

    Due to work haven't been able to be on too much today but got up to 15kc this is my loot so Far

    1kc - Dharok's Great Axe 

    4kc - Ahrim's Robe Top

    8kc - Verac's Helm

    12kc - Torag's Hammers

    14kc - Torag's Platelegs 


    15Barrows kc loot.jpg

  3. Current goal: Barrows hoping to get full Dharok

    starting at 0 kc

  4. Finally got my whip at 443 kc, its fair to say Midnights is my lucky charm even if he was trying to troll me XD


  5. Tyr

    Vorkath for beginners

    Nice guide good detail would be good with a short clip of you killing vorkath so we can see it in action, keep up the good work 🙂
  6. Current Goal: Whip Grind 

    Status: 260 kc dry calling it a day, will get back to the grind tomorrow 

  7. Tyr

    Suggestion/Fix list

    Vote Shop Personally I think things are way too expensive in the vote shop and that a few new items should be introduced such as skilling gear, barrows gloves and maybe fighter torso ect.
  8. Tyr

    Suggestion/Fix list

    You should be able to answer Trivia multiple times even if answer is wrong, preferably have a 5 second timer between answers to reduce spam
  9. Tyr

    Suggestion/Fix list

    Don't have any experience myself but I've heard a lot in the clan chat that the bosses at GWD (mainly Bandos and Zammy) hit harder than they should including through prayer which is demotivating people and i believe is having an effect on the player base for high lvl content
  10. Tyr

    Tyr - Simon

    I'm Simon, ign: Tyr Age 21 from England Always open for a chat about the game or anything else. Ive played a bunch of other RSPS's in the past (Do Not mention rsps names in posts -Sephiroth) and many more so you may know me from those although used to go by ign: Odin or Alt Fash. I've also been playing RS for years although these days I only really plays RSPS's so i like to think i have a fair bit of knowledge of the game I'm happy to share.
  11. Current Goal: Grinding out for whip