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  1. Discord Tag: Ima23 #5199 Time Zone: Eastern Standard Introduction: Hello my name is Zach, my in game name is "ima23". Im 24 years old and have recently found myself with alot of of extra time on my hands due to work related injury. In that time ive looked for a quality rsps with a mostly non-toxic community to dedicate my play time too. Why do I want to become staff?: Ive been thinking about a staff position for a couple of reasons. within the 1st week of my play time I ran into a handfull of player "3 players" who had either had remarks said to them by other players. or just need help starting a skill or finding a location but no staff is on to assist. but low staff isnt a ploblem on its own for new players its also afk status of regular players that makes help hard to find. Why do I deserve this position as staff: As I stated in my intro im no longer able to physicaly work a job and as a result I have 100% availability 24 hours a day. No matter if im watching tv or playing a game my client is constantly open durring all hours of the day and night. I am also very trust worthy, I dont have a peronal agenda or superiority issues. If I am accepted as a Player moderator. I will not let personal friendships cloud judgment and I can hold a mature conversation without arguing with a stable mind im 100% positive I could benifit this server whole heartedly. Play Time: