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    Hello! I'm Fuzzy, I've gone by this alias for roughly 13 years. I've played runescape since early 2005 and have been active on private servers since 2010. I'm 23 years old and currently have a good amount of time on my hands, so my activity on here since joining has been extremely high. I have a maxed regular account and a near-maxed impossible mode account, and after I max that I might just make an ironman to progress on as well, as I love to grind. In real life I play with rubiks cubes, begleri and yoyo's, and tinker with welding! I'm a streamer ( though as of recent I've been glued to games I rather wouldn't stream or due to an NDA I cannot stream ), and a gamer since I was 5, starting out on a PS1 and N64 ( a very, very amazing Christmas day ). You'll see me online daily unless I got something going on, I normally put in a solid 5-10 hours of grind ( or I'm afking something while playing another game on my other monitor ). I'm ibefuzzy#6952 on discord, and am always posting my drops in there! Hope to see everyone in-game, and hopefully we can grind together!