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  1. Kanoot

    Unexxpected support application

    I will vouch for unexxpected. I haven't seen anything that would prevent him from becoming staff!
  2. Discord Tag: Kanoot#6351 In-Game Name: Kanoot Time Zone: Central Daylight Time Introduction: Why do you want to become staff: There have been a few times that I have seen players be disrespectful, or they are advertising other servers, or I try to help another player but I am not staff so I am unable to punish, have the authority, or just unable to help a fellow player. I would like to ability to help or prevent certain situations from happening! Why do you think you deserve to be staff: I know a lot of information about the game. I have maxed on this server and a different server with the same source. I believe I am friendly to all players and answer questions when asked. I have been staff on two other rsps'. I don't know if I deserve to be staff but I would like the opportunity! Playtime: Thanks for taking the time to read this and if you have any other questions I will be more than willing to answer them. Please leave a vouch for me in the comments if you believe I am staff-worthy
  3. Kanoot

    Kanoot's Introduction

    Hey everyone, you can call me by my ign Kanoot (kuh-noot). I started playing last December or January and have played on my ironman account. I took the summer off due to work but i'm back and ready to complete my goals. If you ever have any questions go ahead and ask, I actually like answering questions or finding them out because then my knowledge of the game becomes even wider. I love conversing about this game so if you want to chat then PM me in game.
  4. Kanoot

    My Goals

    "On Impossible" 😛
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  6. Kanoot

    My Goals

    As an ironman who is close to all 200m don't be afraid to ask me questions on best xp methods or my methods of reaching your goal!
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    Kanoot Maxed Sounds cool Forums Both Ironman BTW