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  1. Sk1llz

    Hey guys

    Hey guys long time no speak, irl stuffs been crazy just wanted to see how ya'll we're doing? also was curious about the final outcome of Titan-X I fell in love with this server I hope it doesn't die ever😭😭 ~Best Regards~ Sk1llz //
  2. Sk1llz

    Black Friday Deals!

    Thanks a lot Austin, don't forget to donate people~
  3. Sk1llz

    Donator zone dungeon objects

    Yes they should be removed typls
  4. Sk1llz

    LukesLogic's Staff Application

    I vouch, youre a good in-game support& you're always helpful.
  5. Sk1llz

    Skill Cape Perks

    Firemaking should be like a chance to burn double logs or you could have a chance to save a log'
  6. Sk1llz

    Suggestion/Fix list

    I think wintertodt wasn't spoken about, and Titan wants to get the player-base up && running before he adds any bigger changes, thanks for the suggestions tho~
  7. Sk1llz

    Who Am I

    Welcome to Titan-X Div~
  8. Sk1llz

    Skilling for Hire

    Make sure to read the rules carefully’ I’m positive there’s something in there about account sharing.
  9. Sk1llz

    GFX Artist

    I second this, will pay good in game geepees
  10. Sk1llz

    Thanatos/Sephiroth Introduction

    Welcome to Titan-X, brother hope to see you in-game, hope you enjoy your stay, dont forget to vote - on a daily basis~
  11. Sk1llz

    My Goals

    Gl m8 gl
  12. Thanks for the amazing server Gno~


    1. Austin


      np bud, it's what I'm here for lol

  13. Sk1llz


    Sk1llz is my main & only account sorry~
  14. Sk1llz


    In-game name? - Sk1llz Discord? - Sk1llz Combat Level - 126 What would you prefer to be called? (Nicknames are alright) Jess short form for Jesse my real name Combat stats? - 99 in all cmb What skills are above 90? All of them Why do you want to join demolition? I want to join because I want to fit into a proper clan that best suits my PvMing and PKing needs. Who told you about our clan? (Leader, General, Member, Friend, Other?) Leader made me decided to enroll What do you like the most? i like to PvM more than anything but sometimes I like to risk it for the biscuit and stake it all Last, What is your bank worth? banks worth about 1 billlion geepee (ROUGHLY)