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Thanatos Staff Application

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Discord: Ven#7874

In-game name: Thanatos / Sephiroth

Time Zone: CST

Why I would like to be a staff member/ Why I deserve a position? I would just like to help out and support Moderators and Administration in a way regular players can't. Regular players have no real pull in the actions that others take, in other words they lack the authority. I just simply desire to help, staff and guiding players alike.

On the matter of deserving the position, I've been around quite some time in my opinion, not as long as others but more than most that still play today. When i started i remember seeing fifteen to twenty players and then during a hiatus around Christmas time the player count just dropped towards five or six at best. Towards that time I convinced my friend Unexxpected to play with me and give the server a shot, just to simply play with my friend again on a server we could grow to love and enjoy together. Why do I deserve a position, well i believe i deserve it because i was a part of the driving force that made the owner start pushing fixes and updates that benefited the server and gave input and ideas towards what would be good to change. I believe i deserve it due to the dedication i as a player have put forth.


play time 1.png

Play time 2.png

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I think you'd be a fantastic addition to this server's staff! You have my vote.  You've helped me out so much in-game!

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