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LukesLogic's Staff Application

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Discord name: LukesLogic#6474

In-Game Name: LukesLogic

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time

Why would you like to become staff?: I love the staff members on the server and enjoy talking to them. I've always liked helping people when they have questions and giving them advice when they seem lost. I think I could be a good asset to the team and I'd give it my all to do whatever I could for the server.

Why do you think you deserve to such position?: I try my best everyday to get online and play and enjoy the server just like everyone else. I've been playing for around 2-3 months now and have a great concept of the server and would feel I could help share it with the community. I have lots of playtime, helpful tips, and good advice I could share to the newcomers that will be joining us soon!

Time Played


Thank you for the opportunity to apply for Staff!

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I vouch,

youre a good in-game support& you're always helpful.

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