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Update #22
Thursday 11th April 2024

1. Cave krakens can now be found at Kraken cove

2. There is now a slayer unlockable to kill krakens while off-task

3. Adamant and Rune dragons are now in-game!
– Purchase the insulated boots from the slayer shop to protect from the Rune dragon’s special attack!

4. The max stat cap has been increase to 110! Happy skilling!
– Some PK bots are now maxed with 110 stats, good luck!

5. Dying in the wilderness with untadeable items will no-longer result item loss

6. Looting bags will no-longer cause item loss when full

7. The bank will no-longer mess up the organization of your bank tabs

8. Auto-retaliate functions properly once again

9. The price to change your EXP mode has been reduced!

10. The lottery now lasts a full 72 hours! Good luck!

11. Tzhaar npcs will no-longer get stuck in the walls at fight caves

12. Npcs will now move back to spawn if they wonder too far and are out of combat

13. Rune requirements have been corrected on several spells

14. You can now hover mystery boxes etc to preview the rare loot they give

15. The coal bag now displays the correct amount of coal taken from the bag when used on the bank

16. Decanting potions at the Chemist will no-longer result in any null potions that cannot be banked

17. The auto-mining feature will no-longer re-attempt to mine the rock whilst already mining

18. Tzhaar rings now have their proper attack styles and animations

19. Corrected the combat animations and attack styles for the following npcs:
– Mithril dragons
– Elemental wizards
– South falador wizards
– Battle axe and bow-wielding guards
– Bandit
– Mammoth
– Seagull
– Ent
– Log drop rates have been adjusted
– Thug
– Highwayman
– Unicorn
– Ram
– First person to private message me on discord or in-game gets a free Super mystery box and membership bond! hurry! (claimed)

20. Magic defence bonuses will no-longer count towards dragon fire

21. Barrows NPCs no-longer spawn under you when you open their coffin

22. There is now a ladder to get back up to the spawn after completing a barrows run

23. Stat requirements have been corrected for the following items:
– Recipe for disaster gloves
– Zamorak/Guthix/Saradomin halos

24. Moss giants now drop Rune and Adamant axes for ironman players

25. Al-kharid teleport has been added

26. Thieving stalls now deal more damage upon failing

27. Telegrab now checks to see if a projectile can reach the item before allowing you to cast

28. Book of banking is no-longer allowed at Zephyrion

29. Chaos fanatic is now much easier to kill, protect mage and run from the blasts!

30. Salve amulets now correctly boost your damage against undead npcs

31. Berserker necklace now boosts damage and accuracy by 20% of obsidian melee weapons

32. The obsidian set effect now works properly, boosting damage and accuracy of obsidian melee weapons by 10%
– Stacks with berserker necklace

33. Dragon hunter lance is now fully added to the game.
– Craft this by using a Hydra claw on a Zamorakian hasta.

34. Added a teleport to Jackals within the kharidian desert.
– Counts towards dog slayer tasks

35. The Anti-poison effect timer now accurately displays when the protection will wear off

36. Gambling shop items have been reduced in price

Update #21
Thursday 4th April 2024

1. More potion secondaries have been added to the herblore shop

2. Operating equipment to check charges/degrade value works properly once again

4. Several donator item stats and prices have been adjusted

5. Protect from magic will no-longer protect from all dragon fire

6. Some agility shortcuts have been adjusted for better pathing
– Brimhaven stepping stones
– Catacombs stepping stones

7. Catacombs mining shortcut now works

8. Walking on top of thieving stalls at ardy rooftop agility now paths properly once again

9. Slayer tower 3rd floor rope chain shortcut is fixed

10. Agility obstacles will no-longer stop clan chat messages from being sent

11. The Tokkul shop now buys items at ~1/5th the sell value!
– Ores and Gems have been added to the shop
– Uncut onyx has been reduced from 900k to 462k tokkul

12. The following combat scripts have been corrected:
– King black dragon
– Tzhaar Xil Rangers
– Tzhaar Mej Mages

13. The combat animations for the following NPCs have been corrected
– Wolves
– Tzhaar-Ket
– Pirates
– Falador white knights
– Nechryaels
– Gargoyles

14. The Pirate hideout doors can now be opened to complete the Pirates wilderness slayer task

15. Rogue and pirate tasks now display a location, and now work with the slayer ring teleports.

16. Casting high/low alchemy on an item too quickly will now return you to the spellbook tab

17. The ring of wealth now offers +1% drop rate, row(i) gives +3%.

18. Dagannoth & wilderness boss rings now give +2% drop rate boost when imbued

19. Donator items now each have a + 0.25% drop rate boost, the ring gives +2%.

20. Ancient staff has been added to the magic shop

21. Balls of wool can now be bought from the Crafting shop

22. Soul runes have been added to the runecrafting guide

23. Alchemical hydra will no-longer retaliate while walking towards the center of the arena for the flame phase

24. Bird nest auto crushing with pestle & morter

25. The deposit box has been moved from the center of the general shop/shopping area

26. The collection log book item can now be purchased from the general shop.

27. Runecrafting pouches can no-longer be filled via using them on the bank before reaching their required level

Update #20
Thursday 28th March 2024

1. Cluescrolls give prayer book pages more often

2. Killcount viewer and loot viewer are now on the quest/tools tab

3. The EXP counter now has an option to reset your EXP to your current total EXP earned.

4. Issues with swapping EXP rates have been corrected

5. Searching for an item in the player owned shops will no-longer hide your left-click-attack option.

6. NPCs larger than 1 square will no-longer clip properly to block/be blocked by other NPCs

7. The aggression timer will now save on logout, you must either run to another region and back, or teleport out and come back for aggression timers to reset.

8. The 3rd age longsword now has the correct combat style interface, and is no-longer a 2-handed weapon.

9. Recent pest control issues have been corrected

10. The scripts of the following bosses have been adjusted:
– K’ril tsutsaroth
– Commander Zilyana
– Venenatis
– Callisto
– Dagannoth kings
– Cerberus

11. Defensive stats of wilderness bosses have been decreased.

12. The loot viewer button to get back to the main loot viewer will now work properly

13. The store prices of dragon weapons have been adjusted.

14. The helm of neitiznot is now dropped from gargoyles

15. The target’s HP bar will now display more accurately

16. Slayer rewards prices have been adjusted

17. The wilderness bloodveld task has been removed

18. Examining an item will now display it’s trade value if available.

19. Bones to bananas/peaches spells have been fixed

20. Barrows chest items are now 1/7 to get a loot! (Boosted from 1/10)

21. The fishing animation will no-longer mess up if you attempt to fish while already fishing.

22. Karambwuan fishing will no-longer take the bait from your vessel on first catch

23. The skeletal wyverns attack animations and graphics have been adjusted

24. The firemaking animation will no-longer delay the player from visually moving to the next spot

25. Compost bins will now display a timer until completion

26. The dragon sword’s combat tab and special attack are corrected

27. The price checker has been updated to allow you to search for an item to price check.

28. More runes have been added to the mage shop.

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