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Update patch #12
Thursday 1st June 2023
  1. Mage arena is now fully implemented with an additional chance of obtaining god book pages.
  2. You can now attack from a distance on pest control portals.
  3. Karambwuan fishing is now fully implemented.
  4. Pets should no-longer randomly stop facing towards you.
  5. You can no-longer dupe watering cans at the Master Farmer
  6. Fight cave trivia answer has been corrected to 6 waves.
  7. It will no-longer announce when someone uses the ::donate command
  8. It will no-longer display what people have donated for when they donate.
  9. The total amount donated will no-longer mess up, and will now automatically be corrected when you log in.
  10. Kraken task should now work properly
  11. Defensive magic stats now work properly.
  12. You can now cast ancients with the staff of light.
  13. Ruby dzone magic trees are now the correct ID.
  14. Staves will now properly light up the correct spells in the spell book.
  15. You can now cross the fun pk barrier properly.
  16. New pest control points shop interface
Update Patch #3
Saturday 15th April 2023

1. New Donator death cape, Donator blowpipe, Donator staff, Donator sword, and Donator book have been added to the donator store.
– All donator weapons have the poison effect
– Very nice prayer bonus on these!
– Donator cape can be upgraded into Donator death cape
– Donator scimitar can be upgraded into Donator sword.
2. The Well of goodwill timer will now show up correctly.
3. Dragon scimitar (or) now has it’s weapon interface & special attack.
4. Jungle whip now has the poison effect.
5. Many bosses have been nerfed to deal less DPS.
6. Revenants will now damage you through the ether bracelet’s protection at 1/4th the damage.
7. Catching an impling/butterfly will no-longer spawn two of them in it’s place.
8. The god wars dungeon boss doors now work properly again.
9. Removed random AI generated achievements
10. Items will no-longer be lost if a player is disconnected while in an exchange session (Ex: Trading/dueling/gambling)
11. You can now disassemble godswords.
12. Fletching tasks will now stop after the last of your materials are used.
13. The coal bag will now properly use coal.
14. The runecrafting abyss & altars will now work properly once again.

Update Patch #2
Monday 27th March 2023

26/0/3/2023 – Update Patch #2

1. Ironman can now teleport to Bandos
2. Fun PK has been added with
3. A Mage Arena teleport has been added, and it now full works
4. You can now create your own shop in the edgeville bank using the ::pos command.
– Right-click players to view thier shops.
5. Use the command ::kc to see your kill counts.
6. You are now able to disable particles in the GUI settings.
7. Inferno NPCs no-longer hit through prayer.
8. A bank booth has been added in the Runecrafting Abyss.
9. Stats have been added to Demon Tails.
10. Now can fish Karambwuans at home.
11. There is now a fishing store
12. Clue an Nests rates have been increased

In-game Announcement changes
1. It will now announce when a player reaches maxed stats.
2. Recieving a Christmas cracker from Present will now give announcement
3. Added a hint about Ring of Wealth droprates
4. Added a hint for teleporting by right clicking skills
5. Pest Control will spam chat less

1. Void Knight in Pest Control will no longer hit you
2. Pest Control now restores health, prayer, an spec after each game.
3. Swapped color of red/green text on barrows activity
4. Venom no-longer effects bosses.
5. Kraken task will now decrease.
6. Magic secateurs should now work properly when equipped.
7. Magic secateurs should now properly work when equipped
8. Law talisman has been added to the shop.
9. Snape Grass has been added to secondaries shop
10. Trident of the Seas should now work properly
11. Various items have been made equipable
12. Adamant Defender in VoteShop is now the correct ID
13. You can now equip wilderness capes from the accessories shop
14. Dark Relic now works as described on the OSRS wiki.
15. Coal bag has been fully fixed.
16. Barrage attacks are now fully AOE.
17. Barrage AOE XP has been fixed.
18. Catacombs is now AOE
19. Ava’s devices will now work for the toxic blowpipe.
20. Saradomins Tear now works on SaraSword to create blessed sara sword.
21. Blowpipe Will now be tradeable while uncharged
22. Various new weapons have had their special attacks added
23. You will no longer lose pieces when picking up a cannon
24. Revenant bracelet now only absorbs 75% damage and can be dismantled.
25. Uncut gems can now be used on looting bags.
26. You can no longer pickpocket through walls
27. Implings will now respawn.
28. Should no longer get stuck in Agility actions when Vote Xp ends.
29. Fixed operate options on a lot of things (checking charges etc)
30. You can no longer go out of map in Dzone

Update Patch #1
Thursday 2nd February 2023
  • The login issue with client has been resolved.
  • The claim donation message ingame has been fixed.
  • Membership is not functioning properly.
  • You can no-longer have more than one player at the afk zone.
  • Yell chat message has been reformatted.
  • Smithing now requires the correct amount of bars to produce an item.
  • Combat pathing has been fixed.

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Tuesday 24th January 2023

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Enjoy the server, we’re here to stay!

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